Need some ideas for the indie gamer on your list? Here’s a few ideas that aren’t actually videogames!

Check out the vinyl version of Jim Guthrie’s soundtrack for Indie Game the Movie. It’s the perfect accompaniment for the long hours your game designer friend spends making his opus platformer. Plus, the sleeves look great thanks to Cory Schmitz.

The Meta Game is more fun than Cards Against Humanity as long as everyone plays a lot of videogames. Designed by local NYC devs(/professors), Local No. 12, you and your opponents take to debate as you discuss, compare, and dissect your favorite videogames.

Rise of the Videogame Zinesters by Anna Anthropy is the indelible zeitgeist of indie gaming today. Both a helpful tool for rookie game designers, and a call to arms for seasoned devs, this book is a must for any videogame library.

Here’s a great t-shirt design by Jon Kay over at FanGamer, a tribute to all things Greek from the Kid Icarus franchise in Kay’s unmistakable crest style. Appropriately printed on eggplant colored tees.

Last but not least, the Delocated DVD. That has nothing to do with videogames, it’s just a great show.

Happy Holidays!

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